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We are social media experts, and this sample below shows how a planned scheduling of content on Meta's Facebook is deployed:


Define your goals.


Research your audience


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech


Create a content calendar


Use a social media scheduling tool

Here is a mockup of how the sample strategy could be used:

  • Investment: $1,500

  • Artboards: 20

  • Reach/Engagement: 4,000 views

  • Return on Investment: ~$0.38 per view

​This mockup shows how an investment of $1,500 in 20 artboards can produce a reach/engagement of 4,000 views, creating a return on investment of ~$0.38 per view.*

*This is just a sample, and your actual results may vary depending on your specific goals, audience, and content.

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MPG- Game On!


Content calendar:

The content calendar could be divided into four weeks, with five posts scheduled for each week. The posts could be a mix of different content types, such as blog posts, images, videos, and infographics.


Social media scheduling tool:

A social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer could be used to schedule the posts in advance. The posts could be scheduled to publish at different times throughout the day, depending on when the target audience is most active on Facebook.



The results of the social media campaign could be analyzed using Facebook Insights. This would allow the marketer to see how many people reached, how many people engaged with the content, and what types of content were most popular

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