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Modern marketing: 9 social media tips to promote your business.

How many times have you been lying in bed, scrolling social media, and run across an ad or post that made you click on a brand’s page, follow or make a purchase?

If you’re like me, it happens pretty regularly. I have a pile of packages the size of Mt. Everest sitting by my front door as proof. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

That “see a post and buy” or cause and effect action is the hallmark of good social media marketing.

And If you're a business operating in 2021, understanding how to use social media to your benefit can potentially make or break you. With the right crafted content, you can attract and engage with your core audience. But put out the wrong content, and well, you might just find yourself on the wrong side of cancel culture.

This is why it's so important to get to know the ins and outs of social media and how it can help your business’s marketing strategy -- by gaining customers and developing your brand’s voice.

Here are a few tips on how to grow your business on social media:

  1. Fill out your bio

  2. Define your target audience

  3. Post content

  4. Set realistic goals

  5. Utilize different platforms

  6. Use branded hashtags

  7. Provide social only discounts

  8. Buy targeted ads

  9. Make people want to follow you

Fill out your bio

In a world where filling out bios, leaving reviews, and completing account registrations are a regular occurrence - I understand if you’re not all that eager to fill out your company’s bio. But having a complete and relevant social profile is crucial in establishing credibility with your potential clientele. It’s also a way to answer those first few questions customers have when visiting your page: who are you, and what can you do for them.

Define Target audience

Simply put, you have to know who you’re talking to if you want to market to customers and ultimately convince them to make a purchase. Figuring out who your customer base is, makes it easier to curate the kind of content that will draw them in.

Post often

No one likes going to a business’s social media page and seeing that the last time they made a post was eight months ago. Are they still up and running? Will their customer care team respond in a timely fashion? You want to avoid these kinds of questions, so try to post frequently.

In addition to letting your customers know that you’re still around, it gives you a chance to have those personal interactions that build lasting relationships. Also, having a content calendar where you plan out your posts will lead to more effective customer outreach.

Set realistic goals

Think about what your desired social media impact is. How many followers do you hope to gain? How many sales? Take those expectations and create realistic goals that you can track and create strategies around. This is a great way to check in and see how well you’re marketing endeavor is doing.

Utilize different platforms

The spice of life is variety. As is true with social media marketing. To reach the most customers and have the most significant impact, you want to use all of the relevant social media platforms available to you.

Use branded hashtags

Make it catchy. Make it easy to remember. Bonus points if you can create a trend that people want to hop on and share. Additionally, it makes it simple to track who’s engaging with your content.

Provide social only discounts

“Today only, bedding is 30% off at select locations!” In traditional advertising, this kind of promotion has two benefits: 1. A good sale always draws in customers, and 2. It gets customers to explore your store and possibly learn more information or throw more items in the cart (looking at you, Target). In digital marketing, the same principle applies. Create a promotion that requires them to engage with or visit your social page, and the chances of you getting that sale will increase.

Buy targeted ads

Ever search Google for new shoes, only to find a ton of ads for shoes on Facebook later that night? These are targeted ads, and they are highly effective. If you have the cash flow, investing in targeted ads will likely pay off in the long run.

Make people want to follow you

Consumers are 57.5% more likely to purchase from brands that they follow. So what should you do? Provide potential consumers with a reason o follow you, of course. You can do that by:

  1. Providing entertaining content

  2. Making customers curious about your product

  3. Giving product updates

  4. Promoting discounts and sales

As you can see, the marketing possibilities are almost endless on social media. If you’ve been wondering when’s the right time to hit go on your social media marketing campaign, the answer is now!

And we can help. :)

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