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Midwest Political Group is a Public Affairs Consulting Firm

We are experienced organizers & strategists with an emphasis on supporting diversity, inclusivity, increasing shared equity, and accessibility within organizations. Our legacy of service started before the Millennium with a range of organizations, in particular, with folks from Generation-Z to Millennials. Our team’s years of collective experience working with diversified and dynamic client lists means we bring a depth, breadth of experience, history, knowledge, and understanding about all things public relations.



Our campaign & digital strategy created a 20-point spread Primary Victory for our federal ticket client.


Our competitive and convenient technology solutions are cost-effective across digital and grassroots operations.


Our public relations approach and outreach prepares small campaigns for longevity & scalability.


Campaign 101

Winning votes begins with dedication. We work hard to give our
candidates the tools to reach their target market.

Our candidates make a bigger impact with our help from door knocking, riveting speeches, and expeditating the management process so we serve you & the team more efficiently.

Our team works hard to ensure that your campaign is sound and successful.

Media Development

First impressions count as do the second, third, and the further underlying message you seek to convey.

How you brand your campaign can make all the difference between a strong winning campaign,
and one that falls behind the competition.

We present you with a broad range of avenues to reach your target audience, helping you to communicate your messaging, and to win over the demographics.

Public Relations

Our veteran team understands how important communication is as we have extensive knowledge in policy, political campaigning, and public affairs.


We understand how to reach target audiences with stories & words they can relate to allow legislative and regulatory initiatives easier to understand.

We use out-of-the-box and classic techniques to sway private & public opinion. This allows us to approach every issue with a Grassroots level of care and practicality.


Midwest Political Group
5699 E. 71st St.
Ste 9A #397
Indianapolis, IN 46220


MIDWEST POLITICAL GROUP : Digitial Marketing and Public Relations Firm
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